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Healthy skin prevents entry of lethal germu. Skin upkeep all important immune system and regulation of body temperature and it is one of the sensory organs of the body—all are vital life sustaining functions.Our skin is a living testimony of how healthy we are. However, lifestyle choices and external

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Slightest of carelessness sometimes wracks havoc on a person’s life. Sadly, there are thousands of testimonies to the dismal trust stated above in the form of burn victims who are engulfed in the lethal sway of severe burn injuries. The huge information void regarding skin donation can be held responsible for that. Over the past years, the nation has warmed up the idea of eye and organ donation, but skin donation is not well known yet. A prime cause behind the shockingly huge number of burn casualties every year in our country is the unavailability of donated skin that can go a long way in saving the life of a victim.

Donation FAQ

When can a person donate his/her skin?
Once a person volunteers for skin donation, the procedure is carried out after his death, within a period of 6 hours from the time of death.


The individual who wishes to donate skin after death has to give consent by filling the skin donation pledge form which is available in the Right Hospitals Skin Bank/Web page. It is not compulsory